Are you thinking of getting a tattoo?

At Ink Kings, we have a wide selection of styles and designs that you can choose from. You can also bring in your own designs for us to replicate.

  • Animal tattoos

  • Cover ups

  • Water colours

  • Portrait tattoos

  • Coloured tattoos

  • Custom design tattoos

  • Re-working of old tattoos



State-of-the-art studio

Trust our team to provide you with tattoo services that are of the highest standards. We use modern sterilisation techniques to provide you with a safe tattooing experience. Our studio is hygienic and clean at all times and all our artwork is done in a private and comfortable environment. Our tattooists will put you at ease throughout the process. You can rest assured that we take every necessary precaution during the session.

Contact us to schedule an appointment - or first - you can explore our media page to view some of our custom designs.