Professional Tattoo Artists & Consultants

At Ink Kings, you can rely on our tattoo artists to create unique designs and artwork. From graffiti tattoo artists to tribal tattooists, we have it all.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. We are based in Blackwater, Camberley.


Leon King

Leon King is the manager and head design consultant at Ink Kings. With a background in graphic design and art, Leon works with clients to create bespoke designs from their unique vision, all the while offering his expertise and advice. He has created a truly inspired environment by finding talented artists who deliver beyond your expectations.

Dasang img.png

Dasang Tamang 

Dasang Tamang was born and raised in Nepal, where he studied for a diploma in fine art for 3 years and became a tattoo artist in 2010. Following his move to the UK in 2016, he joined the Ink Kings Team with an impressive portfolio of illustrations and an obvious passion for tattoos, specialising in Japanese black and grey and dotwork. 

Dasang has the imagination to visualise and bring your tattoo ideas to life, with customised designs that will ensure your body art is truly unique.